hi. my name is mel, and i like to draw things.
| DANCE SET MAI 2004 |


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The seven partners you get in Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door.
From left to right: Vivian, Admiral Bobbery, Koops, Goombella, Ms Mowz, Yoshi Kid and Madame Flurrie.

Watching a playthrough of this game. This is honestly one of my top three favorite games. I really love it… I was really disappointed in Super Paper Mario—don’t get me wrong, it had a great story and awesome characters, but the gameplay… just felt… boring. Really boring. The music wasn’t as memorable, either. I’m hoping Paper Mario 3D will be like this one, just a bit.

One can only hope!

I just slapped the logo in the background cause… it was an empty space AND I HATE EMPTY SPACES AUUUH