hi. my name is mel, and i like to draw things.
| DANCE SET MAI 2004 |




I am the Crest of Sincerity

♥ my art ღ music ☓ portal breach ✦ AC:New Leaf ✩ youtube

i went to the dentist today and got some teeth cleaned and filled. it felt weird and it still does, but surprisingly, it doesn’t hurt. still just feels really weird and slightly uncomfortable.


wanted to try something but it failed
i need to try again later


A: Favorite Game of all time?
B: Favorite Series of all time?
C: Least Favorite Game of all time?
D: Favorite Soundtrack?
E: Favorite Sequel?
F: Biggest Let down?
G: What're you currently playing?
H: Favorite local multiplayer game?
I: Favorite Online multiplayer game?
J: Favorite system?
K: Game you're most looking forward to?
L: Favorite Licensed title?
M: Favorite Game of last year?
N: Favorite protagonist?
O: Favorite antagonist?
P: Favorite Genre?
Q: Any Guilty Pleasure Games?
R: Most underrated game?
S: Most overrated game?
T: Best game memory?
U: Favorite Handheld title?
V: First game you remember playing?
W: Any games you regret getting rid of?
X: What you'd like to change about your favorite franchise?
Y: What game would you want your child to play first?
Z: Game character you most associate with?

got some stuff in the mail.
i don’t want to open them because the packaging is really pretty. 

i love digivices.

i deleted my last post regarding my cat because that’s something i’d rather forget. i have enough stress in my life that i don’t need to top it with the loss of a pet i held dear to my heart.

art is becoming difficult and my only escape is video games. RPing is still enjoyable but it’s very hard to actually muster up anything good (IMO), and i can’t sit down a lot of the time without someone coming in and yelling or just hearing yelling in general.

my life is personal, but to those who are curious and are my friends, they should know that i am alright, despite the many negative things happening around me, and i’m sorry i’ve not been very talkative much on skype or anywhere else, nor have i been drawing as much.

i’m feeling a lot of things, but none are good.

Name: Mel
Species: Fox/Red Panda Hybrid
Type: Lazy
Furniture: Mixed sets
Catchphrase: Mrr
Nickname Given: Kentot
Quote: “The efforts of a handshake speak much better than a headache.”
Preferred Living Spots: Near the ocean, or lots of fruit trees.
Activity: Between 10 AM and 2 AM
Birthday: November 26th
Zodiac: Sagittarius, Horse
Favorite Fruit: Apples
Coffee Type: Mocha, Lots of Milk, 3 Spoons of Sugar


Speed Draw - Wander (Wander over Yonder)

Mel Plays Five Nights At Freddy’s! - Night #1 Part 1

Mel Plays Five Nights At Freddy’s! - Night #1 Part 2

please forgive my stupidity i’m not used to doing something like this, also sorry for the scratching and FPS droppage, i have to edit the settings next time i record *hides*

"This is a life of illusion
Wrapped up in trouble
Laced with confusion
What are we doing here?”