hi. my name is mel, and i like to draw things.
| DANCE SET MAI 2004 |



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quick alasdair

tweaking some things here and there still with both his and sutekh’s design. more little details now rather than larger ones.

for example, i need to think of a different place for his spirit tag because that one on his chest under his neck is fucking stupid looking.


In case you’re sad here are some buns.


I’m not a huge fan of requests due to personal reasons, but you guys are so nice to me that I decided draw some suggested fusions in between commissions. There where so many that I simply couldn’t draw all of them so I’m sorry for that! Also, Flaremonchan is secrectly a super saiyan.


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I play Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Pokemon Y (I have X but I restart it sometimes). Add me and when I’m online, I’ll open my gates in ACNL, or you can trade me Pokemon if you want (or I can breed you something i guess).


(i usually play at noon CST, or later at night around 11 or midnight)

Dr. Robotnik outfit/dress thingie.

i don’t draw princess celestia much despite liking her color scheme

also my cheap-ass wal-mart desk just broke after like, 4-5 months of use? wonderful.

woke up from a bad dream this morning at 6. it’s now 9 and i still feel crummy about it.



Today I remembered those animal themed card stock masks we used to make at library’s children’s centre at the age of… 9, 10 maybe?  Thus I whipped up this. Now I’m a jackal.



Ginger Animal of the Week

Caracal / Desert Lynx (Caracal caracal)

Photos  |   [1] Caracal by Sandra Metzbauer  |  [2] by Annafur  |  [3]  Tiny little kitten by Andreas Jansrud


a wasp flew in and made me freak out for 5 minutes before i demanded assistance from my mother to get it out.

watching game grumps play wind waker. fun times.